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The New York Steakhouse & Pub strives to offer a place where complete families, a bunch of friends and even romantic partners alike can enjoy themselves and experience the real ‘gezelligheid’ (best translation: cosiness) in the best way they can. Whether you want to impress your date with a candle light dinner or just have some fun in the bar, we’ve got you covered with a comfy seat at one of the most inspiring locations in the center of Amsterdam.

Our location at the Leidseplein

Although we do serve some delicious meals and thirst-quenching drinks in our pub and restaurant, our unique site at the corner of the Leidseplein makes us truly stand out. In an age-old building we offer you three floors full of that characteristic atmosphere of bygone times, with our steakhouse on the third floor as undisputed highlight since it’s notorious amongst tourists and locals for its unparalleled view on one of the busiest squares in Amsterdam.

There you’ll be enchanted by the dazzling lights below you during wintertime and in summer you might want to dine on a large balcony one floor below where the view is just as breathtaking. On the ground floor you’ll find yourself a charming bar where you can continue to enjoy the evening with a vast selection of beers and wines, also by the glass. Or you might want to take a seat in the sun at our terrace and get some refreshments over the day or during those pleasant hot nights.

Endless possibilities

So many people, so many desires and wishes. Aiming to make just everybody happy also means that we’re offering you a lot of ways to relax. From just tasting a few selected Belgian or American beers and having a few snacks to enjoying grilled (or vegetarian) courses and all in between. In a lively environment or in a more quiet setting for a private dinner or inspiring meeting … the possibilities are nearly endless. Just give us a call to reserve a seat or to discuss your requests!

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